"Here is a marvellous collection of poems that speaks to Leeds and the world; there’s lyricism here, and history and joy, politics, food, anger, and love. Above all there’s a powerful voice steeped in the Black Yorkshire experience that truly mines the universal in the local - Ian McMillan"

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Another Crossing

Another Crossing tells the stories of an individual life, of a family, of the communities of Chapeltown and Harehills, and of crucial moments in the making of Leeds as a place where cultures meet.

In poetry that sings from the page, Another Crossing recreates places that have been swept away by time, like the house on 56 Cowper Street where Khadijah Ibrahiim’s Jamaican grandmother captured her from time to time, where there was black pride and Victorian respectability, where there were aunts who gave the young girl a cultural education, where her grandfather entertained his friends in the sanctum of the West Indian front room – and where there was a forbidden attic whose religious significance only became clear long afterwards.



Khadijah Ibrahiim is of Jamaican parentage, born in the city of Leeds, England. Educated at the University of Leeds; she has a MA in Theatre Studies. She is the Artistic Director of Leeds Young Authors and the Producer of Leeds Youth poetry Slam festival.
Peepal Tree press published her poetry collection Rootz Runnin in 2008 that same year she toured the USA with the Fwords Creative Freedom writers.

Leeds Young Authors

Leeds Young Authors (LYA) was founded in 2003 by Khadijah Ibrahiim, performance poet and playwright, as an approach to creative education to promote positive social dialogue through the written and spoken word among young people of High School age (ages 13-19), primarily in the City of Leeds.

As Artistic Director of the organisation, Khadijah implemented a programme of activities, which focussed on using creative writing, spoken word/performance poetry, and the competitive environment of poetry slams to dispel the myths among young people that poetry is an outmoded form of literary and artistic expression.